How can we help you? Let us count the ways.

We offer a range of approaches and solutions  fueled by future-focused strategies and methodologies, rooted in decades of experience–all aimed towards creating success stories, together. Come adventure with us! Let’s work together and go Twice 5 Miles to ensure yours is a success story well told.



With the increasing power of online communication channels and event-based platforms comes the blurring of lines between the personal and the professional.

Twice 5 Miles will work with you across the endless opportunities and  multiple venues available for you to create an inspiring story about who you are, what sets you apart and what mark you are making in the world at large. 

Our bespoke solutions include:

  • Public Presentation Development, fine tune your point-of-view by working with our seasoned performers, presenters and facilitators. 
  • Website Scrub and Cleanup, World-class editors and copy editors behind Pulitzer-awarded publications comb through your website and leave no error uncorrected. 
  • Public Profile Audit, Is the story you are telling about yourself and your work the one you want to be telling?  Our master storytellers will work closely with you to identify steps and strategies to ensure your public profile is a story well told.
  • Personal Brand Development, your T5M allies will work closely with you to put your vision into action. We will dig deep into your core values and your most daring ambitions, to create a brand that honest, inspiring and viable. Let's take you, with confidence and creativity, where you want to go.
  • Personal Iconography makes real and visible the mark you are making on the world. It is as bold and unique as a signature, and as enduring. It encompasses who you are in a memorable image—more than a logo—that blazes your trail through the culture, branding your creations with clarity and cool as inimitably yours. Find out more about Personal Iconography here.


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Highly motivated individuals and organizations welcome every opportunity to present themselves, their story and their work in the best light.

Your team of allies will be led by Tish Vallés, specialist in brand strategy and story, qualitative research, insight and innovation. Her work has transformed some of the world's most iconic brands as well as startups, small businesses, and nonprofits. 

Together, let’s dive into your success story, gain intelligence about the marketplace, sharpen your proposition into a compelling story and cease every opportunity to tell it well through brand communications and content.

  • Strategy Session, this intensive strategy session will clarify your vision and identify immediate actions to take. It is an energized, efficient and practical starting point.
  • Consumer and Cultural Insight,  using qualitative research, trend analysis and cultural research we uncover aspirations, needs, tensions and desires relevant to your brand.  We apply creativity and innovation both to how we mine for insights and how we bring our findings to life, delivering the most compelling discoveries to sharpen your product design and innovation, brand message and storytelling. 
  • Message Discovery and Brief Development, through stakeholder interviews and market research we explore your most compelling message and design a messaging brief to direct your brand storytelling.
  • Brand Strategy, Identity and Story, brief together we will identify the role your brand plays in people's lives and in the culture at large, define its unique point of view and design inspired communications, brand visual and verbal language, logo and identity, website and online presence, and a range of content to addresses your business goals.


Twice 5 Miles advocates the power of face-to-face connection, conversation and experience. Through our programming expertise, we curate interactions that result in powerful results. We have a nationwide and global collaborators, creative professionals and tastemakers to deliver range, depth and excellence.

Our approach is highly customizable and includes the following methodologies:

  • Knowledge Activation Workshops, highly effiecient inter-disciplanry workshops that facilitate a dynamic information exchange and activation of knowledge from varying expert points of view
  • Idea Generation Salon, a focused shot of imaginative creativity
  • Creative Consumer Salons, immersive sessions that tap into consumers' creativity and imagination
  • Idea Incubation Salon Series, progresses over a four to six week period to incubate and think through the development and sharpening of an idea to increase the seamlessness of its execution
  • Imaginative Storm Salons, dynamic creative collaborations more dynamic than a brainstorm, with measurable outcomes and deliverables



Coaching is a collaborative process, at T5M we are thrilled to be your creative allies. Through our coaching and advocacy programs, expert allies  will work one-on-one with you to clarify your desires, illuminate your strengths, focus your resources and define actions and strategies to accelerate your success story as an artist and entrepreneur.  Work with James Navé, who with Julia Cameron, co-Founded and directed The Artist’s Way Creativity Camp which toured North America.

Artist's Way best-selling author Julia Cameron has said this about James Navé:

"James Navé and I worked and taught together since 1995. His work as an artist, writer, teacher, and exemplar is an important force for change."

All our coaching and advocacy offerings are designed to reconnect you with what inspires and excites you, honor the promises you make to yourself, hold yourself accountable to the actions you decide to take, and celebrate your triumphs as you regain control of your success story.

Choose among...

  •  A 3-hour Intensive to rediscover your deepest creative desires, reconnect with your creative fire and identify immediate strategies to get you back on track. 

  • A 6 week One-on-One Bootcamp dedicated to working your creative muscles, filling your lungs with inspiration and pumping your blood with your artistic desires and direction.  

12-Week  One-on-One Artist's Way Coaching

  • Engaging your artist’s way over 12-weeks of one-on-one coaching with James Navé.  You will trust your vision, drop into your creative play, and allow creative work to happen. The Artist’s Way has helped millions do this, it will help you do the same no matter what level you’re working on.

    During the 12 weeks, you’ll learn how to: Increase your artistic productivity ~Identify crazy makers ~ Deepen your universal flow ~Avoid creative u-turns ~ Neutralize perfectionism ~ Sharpen your creative vision.

  • NOTE: The Artist’s Way is the seminal book on the subject of creativity, it is powerful work that inspired a national renaissance in creativity.

At Twice 5 Miles, we delight in original thinking, embrace all learning styles, and reject one-size fits all approaches to design, messaging, brand strategy and storytelling.