Have you written something, and want to make it better? You know you need feedback, but how do you get a critique that's energizing rather than crushing?

Are you ready to present your work in public, but aren't sure you know how to do it well?

This is the stuff nobody teaches you: how to edit (and be edited), and how to enthrall an audience. Until now. Our first two titles launch in October 2018. Our third title, How to Teach, launches in May 2019. 

You'll be able to purchase all our Twice 5 Miles Guides in paperback,         e-book, audiobook, and downloadable PDF. Add your name to our early bird list. 

“The Twice 5 Miles guides HOW TO READ FOR AN AUDIENCE and HOW TO WORK WITH A WRITER should be required reading for all writers and editors, as well as all creative writing teachers and students. Both books are bursting with outstanding insights and fresh ideas. I wish I had had both of them years ago, and they’ve changed the way I think about reading in front of an audience and reading the work of other writers. And as a bonus, they’re written in prose so accomplished and excellent, they’re a lesson in itself on How to Write a Brilliant Writing Guide.  Whether you’re a newbie beginner or a well-seasoned pro or somewhere in between, these books will make you a better editor, reader, and writer.” 
— Kate Christensen, PEN/Faulkner Award-winning author of THE GREAT MAN and former teacher at the Iowa Writers Workshop
“These first two Twice 5 Miles guides, on reading aloud and on editing (or, by implication, on being edited) are deft, clear and charming, without a wasted word. The series, which might as well be subtitled ‘things writers are too embarrassed to ask about’ promises to immediately fill a tremendous need in the lives of those of who still live and die by the book.”
— Jonathan Lethem, author of MOTHERLESS BROOKLYN and Roy E. Disney '51 Chair in Creative Writing at Pomona College