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How to Edit and be Edited cover

How to Edit and Be Edited

Allegra Huston
For book and magazine editors; for film/TV and business executives; for friends of writers who ask you to read their work—and ... [More]

How to Read for an Audience cover

How to Read for an Audience

James Navé and Allegra Huston
For novelists and memoirists; for poets and storytellers; for award-winners and speech-makers; for bookstore, open mic... [More]

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How to Make a Speech

Barrie Barton

Weddings, barmitzvahs, milestone birthdays... Civic functions, awards, business presentations... Many occasions demand a speech. This is the first book to teach you how to compose a speech—from a minute to an hour!—and how to present it so that it makes as powerful an impact as possible.

Projected Release: 2020

How to Tell a Story

Laura Simms

We all have stories we want to tell. Whether you want to tell yours around the dinner table or at a venue such as The Moth or Dime Stories, this guide will teach you how to structure it, compose it, and present it so as to enthrall your audience.

Projected Release: 2020

How to Teach a Workshop

James Navé

Are you an expert, wishing to share your knowledge? An artist or craftsperson, offering classes? The Twice 5 Miles guide HOW TO TEACH A WORKSHOP is written for teachers of anything from yoga to backgammon, pottery, driving, writing, music, therapeutic techniques, and much else.

Projected Release: 2020