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How to Edit and be Edited

By Allegra Huston

This book is not just about changing the words on the page. It is a guide for how best to frame the collaborative effort between two people—or between your creative mind and your critical mind—that is undertaken with one simple goal: to make a writer's work as good as it can possibly be.

How to Read for an Audience

By James Navé & Allegra Huston

Are you a writer, promoting your book or magazine work? Are you a poet or storyteller, building your audience? Are you nervous?

This book will teach you techniques that build both your confidence and your abilities, so that the words you have written make as powerful an impact as possible.

“James Navé's help is practical, unique and gets to the psychological core. He is encouraging in that most helpful sense: he shows you how to find your courage. Before I could become a bestselling author, I had to become an author, and there is no better coach/advisor/shaman for 'becoming' than Navé. I grew with his encouragement, guidance and funneling my fog into focus. He has guided me on how to present myself both on the page and on the stage.”

Greg Palast
investigative journalist and NYT bestselling author

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How to Make a Speech

By Barrie Barton

Weddings, barmitzvahs, milestone birthdays... Civic functions, awards, business presentations... Many occasions demand a speech. The Twice 5 Miles guide HOW TO MAKE A SPEECH is the first book to teach you how to compose a speech—from a minute to an hour!—and how to present it so that it makes as powerful an impact as possible.

Barrie Barton has been coaching people on giving speeches for 30 years through her company, Stand and Deliver.

Projected Release: 2020

How to Tell a Story

By Laura Simms

We all have stories we want to tell. Whether you want to tell yours around the dinner table or at a venue such as The Moth or Dime Stories, the Twice 5 Miles guide HOW TO TELL A STORY will teach you how to structure it, compose it, and present it so as to enthrall your audience.

“Irresistible! A major force in the revival of storytelling in America.” (The New York Times)

Laura Simms also conducts storytelling workshops around the world.

Projected Release: 2020

How to Teach a Workshop

By James Navé

Are you an expert, wishing to share your knowledge? An artist or craftsperson, offering classes? The Twice 5 Miles guide HOW TO TEACH A WORKSHOP is written for teachers of anything from yoga to backgammon, pottery, driving, writing, music, therapeutic techniques, and much else. You’ll learn how to organize, run, and promote your workshop—and most importantly, you’ll learn teaching techniques that inspire and energize your students.

Projected Release: 2020