Tony Huston

Listen to screenwriter and master falconer Tony Huston speak on the nature of being in the world. What does the Broadway tune September Song and the hierarchy of flying hawks in medieval times have in common?  Join me for a great conversation with Tony Huston, writer, poet, an Academy Award nominee for best-adapted screenplay of James Joyce’s The Dead, the last film Tony’s father John Huston made.


Paul Pascarella

Paul Pascarella‘s journey to toward the Rockies is a key to his artistic evolution.  In 2005, days after the tragic death of Hunter Thompson, a friend and pivotal figure in his life, Paul completed a five-foot portrait of Thompson which brought a new and unsuspecting freedom to his work. Paul’s work appears in private collections and museums around the world.  Paul closes the show with  a fantastic story about racing in a pro motorcycle race.  You wont’ guess who won until he tells you in the end.

Anna Ferguson

Anna Furgerson of Vibrant Heart Yoga  and I went outside to talk about what it means to sit on a rock and play your chosen instrument. 

While we didn’t scale the highest peak, like the flute player in the photo, we did go to Beaver Lake bird sanctuary. What is it about birds singing on a spring day that inspires creative thoughts?