Iconography: the imagery and symbolism of a venerated being

Personal iconography makes real and visible the mark you are making on the world. It is as bold and unique as a signature, and as enduring. It encompasses who you are in a memorable image—a logo—that blazes your trail through the culture, branding your creations with clarity and cool as inimitably yours.

Twice 5 Miles will create for you a personal iconography that includes:

A signature image

A motto that captures the essence of your work, beliefs, and ideals

Long-form and short-form biographical narratives

A commissioned painting on canvas of your signature image

Extras may include:

A documentary on you and your work

Photo session with international photojournalist

Custom-designed fine art car exterior

Bespoke uniforms, upholstery, jewelry, decorations, etc.

Specially commissioned woodblock wallpaper with your signature image

To create your personal iconography, we will:

Talk with you in depth about what is important to you in your life and your achievements

Talk to your closest advocates, to develop other perspectives on your unique contribution

Research images and symbols that are meaningful to you

Research historical parallels to locate your story in history

Brainstorm with your public relations team

Create an assessment of signature possibilities in your personal and work environments