Foto credit: john van hasselt

Foto credit: john van hasselt

Bragging Rights

  • One of the pioneers of the spoken word movement, I Co-founded Poetry Alive!,  a theater company which has performed poetry for over ten million students (K-12) around the globe

  • I co-founded and directed  The Artist’s Way Creativity Camp with Julia Cameron. Based in Taos NM, the camp toured North America, teaching in  Nashville, New York, Connecticut and British Columbia 

  • For over 20 years, I have taught writing, performance and creativity courses in all continents except Australia and Antartica

  • I have designed and facilitated executive creativity sessions for clients such as Timex, Pepsi, Ogilvy Philippines, National University of Ireland, North Carolina Outward Bound, Gettliffe Architecture, and LKB Associates, Paris 

  • I am an organizer and facilitator at TEDxNewYorkSalon, the longest running and most active TEDx program in the country

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James Navé is a passionate traveler and a compassionate companion to those he meets. His work as a poet, writer, and exemplar is an important force for change.
— Julia Cameron, best selling author of "The Artist's Way"


Over the past twenty-five years,  my work as an arts entrepreneur has enriched my creativity as a poet, public speaker, pizza maker, screen printer, radio talent, outdoor guide, builder, facilitator, creativity coach, events director, producer, private investigator, blogger, and language arts educator. I hold an MFA in Poetry and a BA in International Relations. My have two books of poetry and my work been published in many national and international journals.  

As a pioneer of the spoken word poetry movement, I have performed classic and original poems as stories, competing in and emceeing professional-level poetry slams and organizing poetry festivals and spoken word events. I co founded Poetry Alive!®, a theater company which has performed poetry for over ten million students (K-12) around the globe. I am the director of The Taos Poetry Festival and slammaster of The LEAF Poetry Slam one of the longest running slams in the country. I have memorized over 600 poems and performed on all continents save Australia and Antarctica. 

My role in he creativity renaissance expanded when I cofounded The Artist’s Way Creativity Camp with Julia Cameron. So began two decades of hosting, producing, and facilitating creativity workshops, seminars, events, talks, and conferences, including most recently TEDxNewYork Salons. Allegra Huston and I host an annual Imaginative Storm Writing Salon in Taos based on the creative principles of safety, identity, possibility, and autonomy.  

I’ve worked with many corporate and non profit groups including Creative Oklahoma’s annual World Creativity Forum, New York Open Center, University of Oklahoma Leadership Scholar Program, North Carolina Outward Bound School, Adidas, Ogilvy, Gettliffe Architecture, Timex, The Huston School of Film and Digital Media at the National University of Ireland, Telluride Mountain Film Festival, LKB Coaching, Paris, DevlinPix Films, LEAF Festival, and International Schools in Bangkok, Dakar, Nouakchott, Yaoundé, Accra, Nice, Paris, Brussels, Lima, La Paz, and Prague. 

When I relax I listen to jazz, watch films, play guitar, have long conversations with good friends, write poetry, walk, and appreciate colorful birds like the swallow tailed kite, the painted bunting, and the graceful turkey vulture on the wing.